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Lose Wrinkles and Keep Your Bank Account!
Denise’s Facial Exercise and Beauty Techniques

Table of Contents

Chapter I: Facts You Need to Know

1.      Signs of Aging

2.      How The Face Ages

3.      What to Do About Wrinkles

4.      Facial Attractiveness Projects a Halo Effect

5.      Interpretations of Facial Expressions

6.      Preventing Aging, Sagging Skin

7.      Why Does Your Skin Wrinkle

8.      Q/A: Common Questions

9.      Understanding Skin, Muscles and Wrinkles

10.  Testimonials

Chapter II: Denise’s Amazing Facial Exercises

1.      Exercises for Neck, Throat and Jaw

2.      Lips-Facial Exercises -  Fuller Lip Exercise

3.      Exercises for the Cheeks, Chin and Nose

4.      Exercises for the Eyes  (send those bags under your eyes packing)

5.      Exercises for the Forehead

6.      Articulation: Great Exercises for Face and Throat

Chapter III: Believe It or Not!

1.      Myths and Facts About Wrinkles

2.      A Surprising Cause of Wrinkles

3.      Burn, Baby, Burn Calories!

4.      Skin Color: The Effects of Sun Exposure

5.      Ethnicity: is Beautiful, Beware.

Chapter IV: Denise’s Beauty Tips & Techniques

1.      Denise’s Daily Skin Care Products

2.      Ways to Tackle Life’s Biggest Energy Zapper

3.   Meditation for Stress and the Aging Method

4.      Denise’s Quick Beauty Secrets

5.      Smart Steps for Young and Vibrant Skin

Chapter V: Quiz: Want to know Your Skin's Real Age?