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Lose wrinkles without costly surgery

Author and beauty expert reveals her money-saving secrets to turning back the aging process

Kansas City, Missouri – In today’s society, costly surgery and injections has become popular for women seeking younger looking skin.  As a result, there is an ever-increasing need for an alternative to shrinking sagging jaw lines, double chins, crow’s feet and drooping lips without surgery, pain or thousands of dollars.  

Lewisa Denise Thomas solves this ongoing problem in her new book, “Lose Wrinkles and Keep Your Bank Account”.  This former model reveals her secrets to younger looking skin that have given her and her clients phenomenal results – and they did not have to spend the money in their bank accounts. 

My book is the alternative to not having risky pricey surgeries, injections in the face, or even products that just don’t work.”  ~Lewisa Denise Thomas

“Denise has combined the law of gravity with her education and experience to change the lives of women everywhere.” ~Grace LaJoy Henderson, PhD

Denise has studied the anatomy and physiology of the face in depth and knows what works to keep the face and neck area looking young and healthy.  She has traveled extensively and has gained global insight regarding beauty in different cultures.  Her goal is to educate women about alternatives to having a beautiful face without taking the risk of going under the knife. 

With Denise’s new fifteen minute-a-day facial exercise and beauty program, women can now turn back the aging process on eye bags, neck creases, facial furrows, forehead lines, and creases under eyes - and they don’t even have to leave home.  Her technique is all-natural and longer lasting than injections or surgery – and involves no health risk.

This program is for youth and adults – mature adults will achieve a youthful, anti-aging face, while young adults maintain their youthful looks.  Denise recommends the use of her newly launched Emahni Skin Care Products in conjunction with her facial exercise program.

"It's a natural non-surgical face-lift! You actually regain or maintain that dynamic look of youth. A small price to pay and you get to keep your bank account! I agree with this target market.” Overall I enjoyed this manuscript. I am impressed with your knowledge of this material and with the way it is presented. This is completely understandable and any reader no matter their level will be able to understand this information. The readers will benefit from reading this manuscript and they will thank you.  Thank you for all of the hard work that was put into this manuscript. This material is extremely informative. I feel that this material is well thought out and well written. I also feel that this material will have potential for success. I do wish you luck with this endeavor” ~Vicki - Writers Literary Services. Critique Administration

For more information about Denise and her new facial exercise and beauty program please visit: Loose Wrinkles and Keep Your Bank Account…Denise’s Facial Exercises and Beauty Techniques (November, 2009; 0-0000-00000-1