Denise is a proud native of Kansas City, Missouri. She just loves the beauty of being a women and all the beauty the world has to offer. Denise is an advocate and firm believer in keeping skin looking young, healthy, and wrinkle-free with her Facial Exercises and Beauty Techniques.

Denise is a former professional model and modeling instructor after which, she became a Beauty Consultant for Fashion Fair Cosmetics where she taught makeup techniques, proper application and skin care.

Denise is also a Published Author noted for her famous poetry piece entitled; There’s More to Life Than just a Glimmer Published in The International Library of Poetry - A Secret Language in 2002.

Denise has now launched her new all natural ingredient skin care line Emahni Skin Care Products and strongly recommends her skin care in conjunction with her new book Lose Wrinkles and Keep Your Bank Account…Denise’s Facial Exercise and Beauty Techniques.

She has traveled extensively during her earlier parenting years due to raising a military family and has gained additional global insight as well as personal experience regarding different cultures, fashion and beauty. Denise has studied the anatomy and physiology of the face in depth. She knows what works to keep the face looking young and healthy. Denise is always admired and now wants to share her Facial Exercises, Beauty Secrets and Techniques with you!

“Firm skin, a toned body and a trendy style don’t have to end once you hit your 50s. Many people are calling 50 the new 30. Women report staying more active than ever and as a result they look and feel better than their mothers did at the same age. So embrace these years – and the wisdom that comes with them – and learn how to accentuate your assets to look as good on the outside as you feel on the inside and always love the skin you’re in”         L. Denise Thomas

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